Who am I, and what do I do?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

On 11 August nominations closed for this year’s National Convention elections, so the very next day, I got together with a stellar panel of grassroots activists to conduct a first of its kind webinar to discuss them.

You can watch the video on-demand here https://youtu.be/sErDig0lsBU

Wait a minute, who are you?

My name is Tom Spiller and, shortly after Mrs May became leader of our party, I was first elected as a National Convention officer. I sat on the party board from 2016 to 2019, retiring shortly after Boris was elected as our leader.

I have been a party activist for 20 years and I am now fully immersed in the workings of the National Convention. I am keen to spread awareness of the Convention's work so that more people can engage with it.

You What?

Yeah, I hear this a lot. The National Convention is the most powerful body in the voluntary party, and its leaders sit on the Party board as the representatives of the party members, but, despite recent efforts, few know how it works or about its elections. During the webinar we discussed all things National Convention: history, purpose, recent influence on historic political events, day-to-day duties and many other topics. I hope that this webinar will help spread the word and encourage engagement with this important part of the voluntary party.

So what happens next?

The elections are now in full swing.

All Association Chairman, Area Officers, Regional Officers have a vote and I strongly urge each of them to use it!

Voting is 100% online and the ballot will open on Monday 17 August and will close on 7 September.

Watch the webinar on-demand at your leisure by clicking here https://youtu.be/5itzt-6NExE

Tom Spiller OBE, Former President of the National Convention