Where do I start?!

It's been a bit of a crazy week to say the least. We've had no shortage of tension and drama, a plethora of minute by minute news and bracing international tension with no end in sight.

Domestically we've had the Sussexes drop a huge announcement, with Meghan and Harry announcing their step back from public life. In what some on Twitter have called #Megxit (sound familiar?), the Duchess has gone to Canada and Harry is in the process if dealing with the fallout in the media and hammering out his and his wife's new public role with the royal family.

Pro-independence campaigners were quite literally on the march yesterday, pushing for another referendum and Stormont is finally sitting again after an absence of over three and a half years.

Thankfully the Brexit bill has passed through the Commons to the Lords, and we are still on track to leave the EU by Friday 31st January 2020. Finally.

Internationally, Iran has taken centre stage, retaliating by launching tens of rockets at US targets, shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet and arresting the UK's ambassador to Iran for a matter of minutes.

Taiwan has democratically elected a pro-Western leader over a pro-China candidate and protests are still live in Hong Kong.

On top of that, all of us at Conservative Progress are thinking of and praying for those in Australia at the mercy of the bushfires, and the families of those killed in the tragic shooting down of the passenger plane over Iran, as well as those in danger all over the world.

So it may be asked, where do we start with all of this?

It's very good to see our government showing restraint and diplomatic maturity. On an international scale we have not taken sides, but called for a cessation of hostilities. Domestically, we have largely left it to the royals to sort out their issues surrounding Meghan and Harry.

It seems like the election was years ago!

As we welcomed in the new year, the government has already started fulfilling its promises at a breakneck pace. They are reviewing Northern rail and getting the Brexit bill through parliament, they've helped broker a deal to get Stormont up and running again, and they have also requested the extradition of Anne Sacoolas, the wife of the US diplomat who claimed immunity and fled after the death of Harry Dunn.

It's a start, but we must carry on looking forwards.

The actions of the government are renewing a new faith within me and many others that we finally have a government who are able and willing to act to carry out its promises.

Where before we had a Commons where every vote was on a knife-edge, we now have a House where the Brexit deal was passed with a majority one short of 100 votes.

Lets keep the faith in Boris. He is delivering, and it is good to see that the deadlock is finally gone.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress