We're so close, but it's not over yet

The election is now five days away. We have now heard everything you would think, every socialist scare story possible is now out there. "The Tories will sell off the NHS" is the main one, with "No deal Brexit" coming second.

But how does that fare with perception on the streets? It remains to be seen, but as we look back on yesterday with one poll saying that the Conservatives have opened up a fifteen point lead; hopefully these lies are treated with as much scorn as they deserve.

We know why we are Conservatives - we believe in the core ideals, treasure the NHS and feel passionately about keeping the union together. That is why we go out on the doorstep on freezing cold December nights - to lock Comrade Corbyn out of Downing Street and at a safe distance from power.

Your support is more valuable than ever.

We've all put in the miles, contributed hugely to the party for the good of the country in financial means, by giving up our time or both. There's not long left now.

The next five days could decide whether this country can finally move on and deal with the issues at hand or whether we will be stuck with a hung parliament or worse in five more years of limbo, and your support of the party is absolutely invaluable.

Everyone at Conservative Progress would like to thank you for your help, from the bottom of our hearts.

We would also like to thank you in person at our event on election night if you can make it - please don't be afraid to come up, say hello and have a chat about everything that is going on!

Now is our only chance to pass Boris' deal, get Brexit done, move onto talking trade and put into place a parliament to run the country as it should be run; responsibly and with a majority.

Only by voting for the Conservatives can we get Boris over the line, get him that majority and end the deadlock.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress