We must all hit back against Labour's fake news campaigning

The campaign has barely started and we’re already seeing the Labour organised web of lies kick in to action.

Some of it is so astonishing that it just beggars belief. Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that the reason the UK is still trapped in the EU is Boris’s fault “and his alone” is beneath contempt. Coming from a leader who has voted against every single option for the UK to leave and failed to articulate his own path forward, he must think we’re all fools if he thinks we’ll blame anyone other than him and his cronies in the Labour Party for conspiring at every turn to thwart Brexit.

But other lies will, regrettably, get more traction and air time.

We’ve already seen Labour trot out their usual NHS conspiracy theories, claiming that a Conservative Government would “sell off” the NHS. Once again, there is a yawning chasm between Labour’s claim and the facts. The reality is that the Conservatives have actually been in power if forty four of the seventy one years that the NHS has been in existence. If they wanted the “sell off the NHS”, does it not stand to reason that they’ve had ample opportunity to do so? Instead, they’ve nurtured it whilst ensuring that we have a strong economy that can actually finance a universal, free at the point of use health care system in the face of ever growing demand. What’s more, the Conservatives have actually pledged an annual increase over the next five years 3.4% to the NHS’s current £134 billion annual budget.

We’ll hear similar claims on schools, police and there’ll no doubt be plenty of local smears for campaigns to contend with.

It’s absolutely vital that all of us - which means you too - remain vigilant throughout this campaign. We all have a platform and a voice, even if it’s the simple act of taking to Twitter or Facebook and calling it out. Labour’s campaign of lies and untruths cannot be allowed to take hold of the public debate in the same way it did in 2017.

Nationally, the early signs are encouraging that the national Conservative campaign is better equipped to take the fight to Labour. However, we can never take it for granted that this will get the cut through it needs and it often has more credibility when normal, grassroots activists like yourselves take to social media to ensure your friends and family get the facts.

There’s a lot of positive messages to push, but the starting point has to be in ensuring that we don’t sit back and allow a character assassination from the very people who would drive the country into the ground.

If you see any spurious claims during the campaign, it’s likely your local Conservative candidate or campaign will be able to give you the facts and a bit of advice on how best to rebut it on social media.

Or, feel free to drop us a line on admin@conservativeprogress.co.uk.

Whatever you do, do not stay silent. It’s time for Conservatives to unite and ensure the truth is heard and lies are exposed.

Luke Springthorpe, Director of Conservative Progress