We finally have a majority!

We won!

What a fantastic evening Thursday was. We were celebrating with almost 200 hard working activists from across the country and (literally) jumped for joy when the exit poll was announced and the subsequent results confirmed it.

We have a majority. A solid, working majority at that. Boris finally leads a government that isn't at the mercy of a small caucus of backbenchers or coalition partners. We can get Brexit done, yes. But we can get so much more done as well - at last.

That said, it would be remiss of us to not be very mindful of how this victory has been achieved. Huge numbers of lifelong Labour voters have put their faith in Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party to deliver for them and their families because they believe that we are on their side. The party cannot let them down, or this first time support will be a one off that will unravel quickly.

Keeping true to our word on delivering Brexit, followed by a proper points based immigration system, getting tough on crime and  delivering extra funding for the NHS are all crucial.

But the work doesn't stop there. There's a lot to be done if the Conservatives are going to retain the support of the country, and to remain in a position to win an equally commanding majority in the next election. Here of the few things that need to be done:

1) Top of the list is retaining the support and trust of new, first time Conservative voters in the North of England. Delivering Brexit is one thing, but ensuring that it doesn't cause disruption to jobs - such as car manufacturing - will be critical. We will need to invest heavily in infrastructure and back and industrial strategy with cold, hard cash to ensure that high quality, well paid jobs continue to be created long after Brexit.

2) Winning back the voters we lost: Despite the victories, the party did lose support in the South of England. Many of these were voters angry with Brexit. The onus is now on the Conservatives to convince them that Brexit will not be disruptive as they have been led to believe.

3)  Winning over young voters: For one reason or another, a lot of young voters think the Conservative Party is the embodiment of evil and has absolutely no interest in their issues. It's a risky assumption that young voters will simply 'mellow with age', and we need to ensure that issues that matter to the 'youth vote' are taken seriously.

We believe this is possible and with a working majority, the Conservatives have the capability of pursuing a compassionate conservative agenda with broad appeal, that shows that the party will look after the people most in need of help, as well as the hard working.

This is an agenda that will form the backbone of Conservative Progress' work over the coming year (and beyond), and we're incredibly excited to be able to unveil our programme for 2020 very soon.

There's a lot of work to be done. But for now, we can celebrate - if only for a short while!

Luke Springthorpe, Director of Conservative Progress