TIG vs Lib Dems: anti- Brexit parties in fight for remainer votes & resources

Senior Liberal Democrats have today hit out at rival anti-Brexit party, Change UK-TIG, over an apparent leaked dossier which shows the new party planning to wipe out Vince Cable’s party.

Responding to the news, top Lib Dems have hit out at the new party expressing their anger

The Daily Mail reports that The Independent Group, made up of predominantly former Labour MPs as well as three former Tories, seeks to replace the Lib Dems with the aim of creating a ‘single party..for progressive politics at the next general election’.

The dossier includes plans to woo Lib Dem activists and their top donors. If successful, it would likely cause the Lib Dems considerable difficulties. Recent reports suggest the party is already suffering from financial problems.

Responding to the news, top Lib Dems have been quick to express their anger online.

Siobhan Benita, the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London tweeted: “ So - it appears that whilst @TheIndGroup don't want to work WITH the @LibDems for a better kind of politics, they do want all our activists, members, donors and resources. Angry and saddened by this as I was genuinely excited about the possibility of cooperation (angry emoji) “ .

Ed Daivey tweeted: “Tbh, always had doubts about TIGs, but understood vital need for MPs to work together to stop Brexit But given their aggressive anti-LD plans, failure to say what they stand for & their blatant refusal to co-operate on Euro elections, time @LibDems got realistic about TIGs”.

The leak comes amidst a turbulent few days for the new party.

The party has already had to drop its logo, after the Electoral Commission found it to be misleading.

In just 48 hours, it had been forced to drop two of its proposed Euro candidates , after both were found to have produced racist tweets.

It’s interesting to learn where ChangeUK-TIG stand in relation to the Lib Dems. Many had wondered whether the two parties would merge, but this news appears to have put that suggestion to bed.

The Lib Dems are notably tribal and would probably not have flocked towards TIG easily. This news has likely really upset Lib Dem activists.

To be fair, the Lib Dems are an established party with branches and pockets of activist bases across the country. TIG appears to have nothing more than a roller banner and lectern. It’s difficult to see exactly where their core vote is going to come from.

It demonstrates extreme arrogance on the part of TIG, which isn’t surprising given their refusal to accept referendum result. Then again, the Lib Dems aren't any better: they too are committed to overturning the referendum result.