This is All Down to You. Thank You.

The events of the past three and a half years, in the one thousand three hundred and sixteen days since we voted to leave, have been quite frankly torrid.

Until now.

From when David Cameron announced his resignation on 11th July 2016 to when Boris took over on 23rd July last year - Brexit has been dragged through the dirt, degraded, postponed and arduously dragged out like nothing the British political system has ever seen before.

Before Theresa May stepped down, you could have been forgiven for suspecting that Brexit wasn't actually going to happen. It was certainly a justified concern, after starting with a slim majority, subsequently losing it and having each and every parliamentary vote passed or voted down on a knife edge.

And then there were the constant extensions to the deadline. From 29th March, to 12th April, to 31st October, to 31st January.

Yes, the last one happened under Boris. But forget the sink, he threw the kitchen at trying to avoid it. Extension after extension, delay after delay, vote after vote against any meaningful progress.

That all changed on 12th January.

It was fantastic to join some of you in the Haymarket bar for our event on the night itself. I don't know what you were thinking, although the elation was evident, but one word in particular springs to mind for me.


It meant that a huge weight was lifted. It meant that we finally had a majority. And it meant that we could finally (you know what I'm going to say) Get Brexit Done.

Looking back, all of the stress on every politico's mind heading to every vote is seemingly now a distant memory as every vote gets walked through with a majority of going on 100 votes every time.

We now have a new parliament, full of representatives worthy of the label. We have a prime minister who backed Brexit from the start. Most of all, we have a government that has stayed true to its word.

We leave the EU today at 11pm, and will begin trade negotiations very soon as we head into the transition period with our heads held high.

But this is not the government's doing alone - this is all down to you.

Everyone who shared on social media, who went out canvassing. Every candidate and activist alike. Everyone who walked into the polling booth on 12th December, despite the cold and the rain, and cast their vote for the new government.

If it weren't for people like you, we would have had another hamstrung, hung parliament. It's that simple.

You won this election.

It's because of that very reason why I penned this article, to say plain and simply; thank you for everything you have done.

Whether you chose to join us on one of our #BlueMajority campaign days, or got involved with other non-affiliated and affiliated groups like any of the Conservative Friends groups - it should not be undercut just how much you personally have contributed.

It was clear at our election review last weekend, with new Broxtowe MP Darren Henry expressing thanks to Blue Beyond for their help on the ground, and Paul Scully MP thanking all members and activists for their help.

The party and Conservative Progress appreciates what you do. They and we alike appreciate you. And we welcome any and all new members, to Conservative Progress or to the official party.

That being said, you can join Conservative Progress here.

You can join the party here.

I can not stress enough. As we head towards finally leaving the EU at the end of today, it is because of what you have helped us and the party achieve.

Thank you.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor of Conservative Progress

Twitter: @jack_rydeheard

Twitter: @ToryProgress