This Budget must make Labour Pay

During the election, it's no secret that we made a lot of promises to a lot of people. To the exterior of the M25, we promised focus, delivery, investment.

These voters delivered our majority. Now we must deliver on our promises to them.

Gone are the days of private lobbying. It hasn't taken much time for the new intake and the old garde of Conservative MPs to publicise their lobbying of government and splash it all over social media.

From Dehenna Davison in Bishop Auckland to James Daly in Bury North, the twenty second clips of infrastructure funding requests have been surfacing on Twitter, along with other issues specific to the constituencies of the other MPs who are locked in a contest for funding.

As it stands, it is a contest with much promise.

When Javid and his team of advisors left Number 11 in the reshuffle, he made way for a whole new system of Chancellorship. Now we have a single team in numbers ten and eleven running the whole show, and a new, young, fresh Chancellor at the helm.

With a new chancellor comes new ideas. The North certainly needs that.

This is our chance to put down on paper exactly what our intentions are. It's our chance to make a real statement of intent, lay down a marker for our vision for the country.

Labour shouted it from the rooftops that this government would be an unaccountable mess, for the elite, against the many and ignorant of the problems which we all face unless we're millionaires.

In contrast to that, having promised what they could not possibly deliver, they stand ready to attempt to rip apart anything which Sunak could possibly announce. We know the cries of "not enough" and any possible label that you can think of will be levelled.

We need to give them nothing else to get their teeth into.

The public have seen through Labour's virtue signalling, and through our electioneering we have managed to de-platform Labour on common sense, most importantly, amongst other things where they used to possess any clout.

We've made them look ridiculous. And we need to keep doing it.

This budget has huge potential to do so, and at the same time make a statement in the face of the discerning skeptics that this government is in fact a People's Government, and it is here to make a difference.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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