The Upcoming Elections

One of the joys of politics is that as soon as one election is over, we start looking to the next. In May, we face a series of elections across the country.  Our success will be to take the energy and spirit of the general election campaign and replicate it in the upcoming Mayoral and council elections.

Conservative mayors, such as Ben Houchen and Andy Street, will be some of the most high profile elections but across the country elections will take place for 118 English local councils, eight directly elected mayors in England and forty police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. Every single one of these contests will be a hard fought battle. Winning these contests is important to help us build on the success of the general election.

Of course, a lot of focus will be on the London campaign as well. The Conservative Party has a strong team. We need a strong campaign which is energetic, positive and focused on finding solutions. We have a good  mayoral candidate in Shaun Bailey and a great team for the London assembly.

In Conservative Progress, we believe in the importance of supporting our great candidates and building capacity among activists. Last year we organised campaign days in many places; Kensington, Ipswich and Lewes to name but a few. Our ethos is ‘campaign and train’ . We want to combine the importance of campaigning for candidates with opportunities to train our activists and build capacity across the party.

We will be launching our Conservative Progress Campaign over the coming weeks to support local campaigning across the country. Over the coming weeks we are going to organise campaign and train days across the country. In London, we will be in places such as Kensington, Wandsworth, Havering and Richmond. But we will also have teams across the country getting out in support of our fantastic candidates and working with our activists.

We are asking you to get involved. Even an hour or two will be a great help - so come on; get involved!

During the week we will email out our campaign schedule. For now, if you are interested in getting involved, drop me a line

Alan O'Kelly, Operations Director at Conservative Progress

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