The UK after Brexit: Your Views

The last survey we sent out was one of our most popular and interesting ever, with 1,267 responses at the time of writing - and it has gone up since then! Thank you as ever to those who have responded.

93.3% of those who responded have confirmed that they voted to Leave in the referendum. This makes this survey effectively one of the largest reports on the views of Brexiteers nearly four years on from the referendum.

We first asked what your views were on the post-Brexit trading negotiations with the EU, and the result was resounding. 93.1% of respondents said that they wanted to see a clean break from the EU, even if it meant putting some jobs at risk. 3.9% said that they would like to see a jobs-first Brexit and another 4.2% said that they would like this even if it means adopting some EU regulations.

We then asked what the most important area to regain control of, in your views. These results were understandably very split, and it reminded us how fantastic it was to be able to engage people from all over Great Britain and beyond.

The biggest two were regaining control on Trade, on 29.9%, and immigration, on 29.8%. A further 16.9% said that an end to EU budget contributions were most important, which was very topical after EU leaders met on Saturday to discuss the 11%-wide hole which Britain's leaving has blown in the EU budget.

8.9% said that their priority was not accepting EU rules on standards and 5.3% said that all of the above were their priorities.

We then asked if respondents would be willing to accept some EU rules if it protected jobs in certain industries. 50% said no, and another 40% said yes, but only if we regained full control on immigration. 5.2% said yes.

We then asked whether the government should issue state aid to key, strategic industries in order to create new jobs, post-Brexit. 85.8% and more than 1,000 respondents said yes, with just 5.7% saying no.

We moved onto the upcoming budget after this, to lead into this week's survey. We asked what issues were currently most important to you. 34.9% said this was reducing immigration, 27.6% backed Boris' national industrial strategy and said that it was creating jobs across the country, 14.1% said that this was additional funding for policing and crime priorities and 6% said that it was addressing adult social care.

We then asked what you thought the priority should be for the chancellor in the next budget. A massive 50.8% said that they thought that the Budget should focus on infrastructure projects which create jobs. 22.5% said they would prioritise increased spending on public services and a further 15.4% said that they would prioritise cutting taxes.

Finally, after a growing number of high-profile cases, we asked whether you have ever suffered abuse for supporting the Conservative Party.

I have to admit, there has been no shortage of it both online and in person directed towards me. As a young member of the party, whose political orientation seems to be very opposed to that of many of my peers, I suppose this (rightly or wrongly) is inevitable, but it really shouldn't be this way.

46.3% said that they have not received abuse, but 34.7% said that they had online and a further 12.6% said they had in person.

We asked, lastly, whether you have ever voted Conservative before. 66.9% said that they always do. 19.1% said that they voted Conservative, but they normally vote for UKIP/The Brexit Party and a further 8.7% said that they voted Conservative when they normally vote for Labour. 5.2% said that they didn't vote Conservative.

As ever, thank you very much for responding - we assure you that your views are heard loud and clear! Watch out for this week's survey, which you can take by clicking here!

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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