The list of marginal Labour seats in MAJORITY leave voting areas

Last night, Jeremy Corbyn finally got off the Brexit fence and admitted that Labour would be backing a second referendum.

Are you one of the voters in Labour-Leave leaning seats ?

The move will no doubt be met with disbelief & outrage from Brexit supporting Labour voters, many of whom voted Corbyn thinking he'd respect the will of the people.

By pledging to support a second vote, Corbyn and Labour are turning their back on many of their former supporters.

There are a number of seats in the House of Commons that returned Labour MPs in 2017, despite representing areas that voted majority leave in 2016.

The following are seats that did so are:

Ashfield (Lab Majority: 441)

Bishop Auckland (Lab Majority: 502)

Peterborough (Lab Majority: 607)

Newcastle under Lyme (Lab Majority: 30)

Stockton South (Lab Majority: 888)

Darlington (Lab Majority: 3,280)

Ipswich (Lab Majority: 836)

Stroud (Lab Majority: 687)

Colne Valley (Lab Majority: 915)

Crewe & Nantwich (Lab Majority: 48)

Lincoln (Lab Majority: 1,538)

Keighley (Lab Majority: 249)

Bedford (Lab Majority: 789)

Wrexham (Lab Majority: 1,832)

Stoke-on-Trent North (Lab Majority: 2359)

Dewsbury (Lab Majority: 3321)

If you live in one of the above seats and voted Labour- but support Brexit- the time has come to seriously consider whether Corbyn's Labour really represent you.