The Labour councils spending millions on 'advisors' with tax-payer cash

The Daily Express has revealed the 5 worst offenders for spending on consultants.

Five of the biggest spenders are ALL Labour run councils, with spending on consultants over the last three years reaching the high millions.

The figures, which the Daily Express published today, were obtained via an FOI.

Despite Labour's pledge to "end the scandal of outsourcing", these figures demonstrate the reality of what a Labour council means for the tax-payer: big spending sprees.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Tory Vice Chairman for Local Government Marcus Jones said: "Labour spending tax-payers' cash in private on things they publicly oppose just demonstrates they can't be trusted with your council tax."

He went on to say: "It's Conservative councils who have a proven record managing people's money wisely and providing good local services."

While I am shocked at how much Labour councils are wasting on consultants, I'm not overly surprised. It's outrageous that tax-payer funds are being used so frivolously.

Money should be spent on providing services that actually make a difference to the lives of local tax-payers who work hard for their money. Bin collections, clean streets and and fixing roads are all massive priorities. If anything, councils should aim to spend much less on political bureaucrats.

These figures remind us of why it's so important to elect Conservatives to local councils up and down the country. Conservatives provide much better value for money and always focus on providing quality services at minimal cost to the taxpayer.