The Deal: Your Thoughts

In the survey this week, we asked what you thought of the PM's new deal. 1,289 people responded, and the results were good to see.

Only 26.5% of respondents said that they would prefer no deal to Boris' plan. a massive 72% said they would support the deal through parliament. 1.5% of those who responded couldn't pass judgement on it.

Meanwhile, when we asked whether Boris could have handled Brexit any better, 55.9% of you said no! Another 28.3% scored Boris 4 out of 5 on his handling of Brexit and 10.1% gave him 3 out of 5. Only 5.7% gave him less than 3 out of 5.

Moving on to the next question in the survey, 71.8% of you said that it is essential that Brexit should be delivered on 31st October, with no delay. 16.7% said that they would accept what in effect would be a short, technical extension, with 6.8% saying that they may not vote Conservative if any extension happened at all. 3.9% said that they would vote Conservative nevertheless, and the rest responded with 'Don't Know'.

Next, we asked about the letters that were sent to the EU with respect to the extension.

81% of you supported Boris sending a second letter making clear that we did not want an extension. 16% of you, being the democratic hell-raisers that you are (!!!) said that he should have broken the law and refused to request the extension, with only 3% arguing otherwise.

Surprisingly, 66.7% of respondents were not members of the party.

You can join here if you would like to!

Many thanks for taking part in our survey - We were very pleased to receive such positive responses, and such a lot of them as well! It’s great to see so many get involved and have their say - it makes our statistics more accurate! We’ll have another fresh, interesting survey in this week’s mailout – take a look, please do vote and let us know what you think!

Jack Rydeheard, Editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress