The Budget, the BRITS and the Week Gone-by

It has certainly been an interesting week.

Following the cabinet reshuffle last week, the new chancellor has picked up where Saj left off, preparing the budget. He has even tweeted photographs of papers all over his desk and making tea for the team. Such is the twenty-first century nature of the Conservatives' excellent, evolved PR team.

We hope that he carries through the commitment made by the Conservatives at the last election to bring some focus outside of the M25.

For better or for worse, a decision has finally been made on HS2, so we know the focus will definitely be partly on that. Throw in the NHS funding bill which has been enshrined into law, health spending is going to rise as well.

Hopefully, after May's government, gone are the days of tweeting out that we have banned something widely-used every couple of days.

Although some people would like to see the Conservatives banned from power.

At the Brits this last week, we witnessed yet another display of contempt for the country by yet another performer. Dave, a performer, called Boris a racist live on stage. That doesn't quite have the same effect as it might do on someone else, given that he was a reformist mayor of London, has appointed the most diverse cabinet in history and has publicly and privately backed the premise of equal opportunity for all.

As we look forward to the budget, I hope that the new chancellor, himself a Yorkshire MP, can remember to put the focus firmly on the new, Northern heartlands, and start to repay the trust put in this government by voters in these areas.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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