Thank You

Writing following our successful election review event yesterday, I want to start by thanking everyone who attended and everyone who has got involved on social media.

Due to our event being held under Chatham House rules, we won't be able to release any quotes which we can attribute to any individuals, however we will be submitting a report to the party to include the interesting suggestions which came out of it.

It was great to be there yesterday, on the Blue-Collar panel, discussing what went well in the election, what we could do better and how we best keep that new, loaned set of votes.

I have to say, I came out of the election review having learned quite a lot. In particular, speaking to Darren Henry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, and his wife Carolyn about HS2 changed a couple of perceptions on my part, and speaking to Luke Robert Black, the founder and director of Blue Beyond, was good to get his views on the party and what it can do to help young people.

I couldn't not - I am 20, after all!

It was also very refreshing to see a very frank analysis from the deputy chairman of the party, Paul Scully, about the election and the central point of view.

With the obligatory selfie of course!

It was nice to catch up with a few friends afterwards as well. It's always good to meet new people at events like these.

At the end of the event, I announced the opening up of BluePrint, and the Conservative on Sunday. We want to hear from you, and we would love it if you would like to write for us.

Please send me an email with a pitch or an article, to - I'll be very happy to take a look and consider any and all content.

Don't forget to join us for our Brexit celebration event on Friday 31st January!

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress