Positive times lie ahead - let's embrace them

Already it seems like weeks ago, but ten days ago the country went to the polls and elected a majority Conservative government. They smashed the deadlock in parliament and gave our prime minister the strongest Conservative mandate since Thatcher to carry forward his agenda.

And it is a very positive agenda.

Very rarely does the chance come for a Conservative government to take office and have money to spend. We'll all be familiar with the infamous note left by Labour which seems to encapsulate the end of every single government of theirs - "there is no money left". But now we have a government and a chancellor who, off the back of nine years of saving and difficult decisions, can loosen the purse strings and show what we can do when the coffers are not bare.

But it isn't just about money. Looking across Boris' agenda, one more fundamental thing sticks out. Freedom.

It is a manifesto of hope, brought into the realms of possibility through faith instilled in us by places who have never voted for us before. Make no mistake, these constituencies have only lent us their trust for now, but if we can deliver for them there is no reason why they cannot return their Conservative MP again in five years' time.

50,000 more nurses, 20,000 more police officers, reviewing the license fee, investing massively in our NHS and infrastructure and looking at the television licensing fee - these are unprecedented commitments, but already Boris is well on the way to delivering them.

And there is no more messing about when it comes to Brexit. On the back of renewing his mandate to deliver Brexit, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill was brought to the house immediately after the Queen's Speech, on Friday, and was promptly passed by the new blue wall in parliament.

Interesting times lie ahead, but hope takes centre stage. After three and a half long years since the referendum, let's embrace that.

Jack Rydeheard, editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress