Please, Follow the Government's Advice

I write in possibly one of the most troubling times this country has seen, with borders on the verge of shutting, pubs, clubs and restaurants closing and shops overwhelmed - I am sure we can all agree that things are getting worse for us all before they get better.

But one thing strikes me about this; it's not the government's fault.

The government's advice has been consistent, and justified. Day after day, we've seen announcements progressing more towards a shutdown, and it's all because the advice is not being followed.

When it was announced pubs were closing, a huge amount of people decided to give it one last 'hurrah'. Just about the worst thing they could have done. On Friday, pubs were packed full, bars and restaurants much the same - completely against the government's advice and just about the riskiest thing people could have done.

The advice has been formulated by the Chief Medical and Science officers, who are both far beyond the definition of experts in their respective fields, and yet, the defiance continues.

It will be a big moment when the penny finally drops.

I continue to follow government advice, not for my sake as a relatively low-risk, healthy young adult, but for that of my friends, colleagues, parents, elderly relatives and acquaintances. It is important that we think about those most valued to us, and put them first at this time.

Which brings me onto the supermarket situation.

There is more than enough food to go round. Not my words; those of George Eustice, the Environment Secretary. If everyone stopped buying so much more than they actually need, supermarkets could return to normal and a relatively sane shopping experience could be a level that everyone could hit.

It's not clever to panic buy, it's not clever to openly flout government advice and it is certainly not good practice to do so openly.

We can get through this crisis rather easily if we do two things. Act rationally, and follow the government's advice.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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