Peterborough have been let down by Labour's pick for MP. It's time for change.

Today is the final day for the residents of Peterborough to sign a recall petition for MP Fiona Onasanya.

The petition was automatically triggered after the MP failed to overturn a conviction for perverting the course of justice. This followed a dispute over who had been driving her car when it was caught speeding in July 2017.

The conviction saw Onasanya sentenced to a three-month prison sentence, of which she served four weeks.

The MP has famously appeared in Parliament to vote wearing an electronic ankle tag. Despite the conviction and sentence, Onasanya has refused to stand down. She now sits as an independent MP following her expulsion from the Labour Party.

A recall petition has been running for six weeks and has been open to Peterborough residents to sign either via post or at signing places dotted around the constituency.

The petition requires 10% of Peterborough residents to sign it for her to lose the seat and for an automatic by-election to be triggered.

James Cleverly tweeted: “ The people of #Peterborough voted in good faith, but they were badly let down by Labour. The Labour candidate was totally unsuitable to be Peterborough’s representative. There is now a chance to reset and get a hard working MP in @paulbristow79

What a sorry state of affairs!

The people of Peterborough deserve so much better than this. It’s a great city with so much potential. It really needs an MP who’s going to put it on the map, for the right reasons.

Local Conservatives have picked Paul Bristow as their candidate and he has been really active in the local community.

A much needed by-election would give Peterborough residents the opportunity to elect a Conservative MP that stands up for the city.