Perception, not policy, is the focus now

Perception, not policy, is what we must focus on now. Policy-wise, we are exactly where we need to be.

Parties will always differ on policy, this is essential in a democracy. We now have clear policies across the board, and very few of our opponents can say the same.

Boris Johnson has finally put us in a believable public position – we will leave on October 31st, come what may, do or die. As a policy, this is what we needed to pursue from the start with conviction and that is what we are now doing.

We have learned gradually over the past few years what for most of us will come as no surprise, that all of our opposition parties will do anything possible to stifle our image rather than our policies. I’m not saying that they don’t attack policy as well, but perception is their focus.

When Boris announced that he would get a new deal with the EU, he was met with disbelief and disdain from all sides, who said he wasn’t even trying.

We sit here, now, with a new deal on the table.

It’s this kind of attack that is the most immoral, least reinforced message possible and it is very unhealthy to hear.

Thankfully the public are starting to see through it.

We should be positive, hopeful, proud as we move forward to the next election, however soon that will be. Our manifesto should reflect our values and our modernisation, shown in our pledges on green technology and nationwide broadband.

More than anything, our manifesto can be reinforced with the belief that we will deliver on what we promise. To hammer that message home, we need to leave the EU on October 31st. We may all be sick of talking about the EU, but this is the universal catalyst for whoever has the chance to shape our country next.

We should talk positively about our exciting, progressive pledges, and make Brexit just one of many issues as it should be. We need to bring the focus back to everything else that matters, to the fantastic work we have been doing under the radar over the past few years. The twenty thousand more police on the streets, the record-breaking housebuilding, the biggest ever investment in our NHS, the pioneering approach to green issues and our unwavering support to cutting taxes and pressure on blue-collar workers.

We need to show how modern, how reinvigorated and most of all how proud we are in our fantastic record. Only then can we be sure of a majority at the next election, and give those who have lost all sense of engagement the political home they deserve.

Jack Rydeheard