People's Vote claims of 1million people on march found to be false

An independent fact checker, Full Fact, has concluded that there "almost certainly wasn't" 1million people on Saturday's anti-Brexit march in London.

The Full Fact twitter account dismissed claims that the People's Vote march attracted 1million protestors

The People's Vote campaign, which had organized the protest, boasted that up to 1million protestors had taken to the streets to protest Brexit and demand Article 50 be revoked.

Full Fact, an independent charity dedicated to challenging questionable statistics, released a report today in response to requests from " many readers".

The report, which can be found here, dismisses claims that a million people had taken part in the march.

Professor Keith Still of Manchester Metropolitan University, said “based on the visuals from the helicopter image, it’s between 312,000 and 400,000 people.”

It estimates the crowd size via the 'Jacobs Method', which divides a crowd site area into sections by measuring the size of each section and then multiplying each area by the estimated density of people within that subsection.

Whether 3000,000 or 1 million people attended a protest in London, it still doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know.

It would be wrong to simply pretend that there aren't people who aren't happy with Brexit. However marches and petitions do nothing to change the only indisputable fact before us: the 2016 referendum campaign saw 17.5 million people from across the nation exercise their democratic right to vote to leave the European Union.

It is the duty of this Government to ensure that the verdict of the 2016 referendum result is fully implemented.

Parliament has already voted to take a 2nd referendum off the table and 85% of voters in the 2017 general election voted for a party that pledged backing the referendum result and delivering Brexit. Nothing has changed!

Once this result is delivered, we must all focus on bringing our country together again.

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