Pass the deal, deliver the result, end the madness

We, as a party, are on the verge of delivering Brexit. Our Prime Minister has delivered a miracle deal with everything against him. Now is the time to pass the deal, and get Brexit done.

As a party, the European issue has consumed our politics for decades. Four prime ministers have fallen as a result, and as we leave the EU we have a premier who is determined not to suffer the same fate. We as a party should support him in his fight to pass his new deal, and we are. Recent polling of members by Conservative Home showed a support level for Boris’ deal of 89.67%, which is as close to unanimous as you can get in our great, broad-church party.

Boris has managed to re-open and bring far-reaching change to a deal which was supposedly closed to re-negotiation.

In the eyes of his cohorts and his critics, he has achieved the impossible.

But inevitably we are up against the ever-present dark forces of Remain, dither and delay, who seek to postpone and even desist with Brexit. These are the anti-democrats who rammed through the infamous Letwin amendment yesterday.

Little did they know that Johnson is more than willing to come and play.

Boris will re-introduce the legislation next week to pass his deal, whilst telling the EU that any request for an extension is parliament’s, not his, all whilst re-iterating that he does not want an extension.

The most telling part of this is that the anti-democrats in parliament who seek to frustrate the Brexit process are not listening to their beloved EU. Juncker, Macron et al have all stood firm in their assertion that no more extensions will be granted.

The irony is that Letwin and his other out-of-touch, haughty parliamentary orators may well force through a no-deal Brexit themselves.

As Theresa May so tellingly repeated today, the only way to prevent a no-deal Brexit is to vote for a deal.

That can only be done if one is tabled, and the government is standing firm in refusing to accept any amendment that would force a delay. An extension is meaningless - the whole point of getting a deal through the house is to render the process devoid of the necessity for one.

Be under no illusion – Boris’ deal is different to May’s. What was funny yesterday, was to watch Labour argue that it was the same as May’s whilst complaining that they hadn’t had time to read the new deal. All this after Corbyn had rejected what he called a ‘sell-out deal’, twenty six minutes before it had even been published.

After nearly three and a half years since the referendum, we are finally on the brink of delivering Brexit. We need to put aside our differences, compromise and act in the best interests of the country.

We need to pass the deal, deliver the result and bring an end to the madness and the paralysis that has engulfed our politics for so long.

Jack Rydeheard is the editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress