Our survey results find no appetite for watered down Brexit

The results of our 'Brexit: What Next?' survey are out

Our survey was conducted online and shared via social media. We asked Conservative Party members what their preferred Brexit option was. We had a huge number of responses from both members and non members and appreciate you taking part.

Of the Conservative membership (that is those that identified as being current members of the party, confirmed by their email address and constituency) the results are as follows:


The Withdrawal Agreement: = 4.6% Standard FTA: = 7.7% Revoke A50: = 1.9% No deal: = 84.2% Leave, Customs & SM: = 0.3% Leave, Customs: = 0.5% Second Ref: = 0.8%

Support for a No deal well ahead, while support for a Customs Union, revoking Article 50 and a second referendum trail well behind.

Luke Springthorpe said "It is clear that there is very little support within the party membership for watering down Brexit. Although no deal has been ruled out by Parliament, it's clear that the Conservative Party membership does not have any appetite to see the UK tied in to a Customs Union or the Single Market."