Notes from Andrew Rosindell MP

A week is a long time in politics. We’ve had two since my last editorial, and it couldn’t be possible to have two more different weeks. From a Supreme Court decision on Brexit, to Extinction Rebellion and the Nobel Peace Prize, everyone watching has been whipped through events at a blinding pace.

In the middle of it all, Conference!

Whilst the left have been speaking out in support of protesters who are closing down our capital, we have been quietly working away to keep the country running. We’ve left the virtue-signalling to them – our green record speaks for itself.

We have done more to move to de-carbonise and move towards net zero than any other country in the world, as Grant Shapps quite rightly pointed out on BBC Question Time on Thursday evening.

We made a great many things clear at conference. We want to see more record investment into our NHS, our schools and our police. Priority number one, if it wasn’t clear already, is that now iconic soundbite – “Get Brexit Done”. Unlike Remainers, we want to see an end to the constitutional turmoil and see the return of the fulfilment of democracy in Britain.

Which moves me swiftly on to my next point. There is a crisis of fulfilment when it comes to democratic mandates in this country, with a simple unwillingness from the left to have it either renewed or changed.

We want a General Election. Apparently they do as well, but you could have fooled me.

After two mass abstentions from the opposition benches, we find ourselves in a situation where the opposition is de facto admitting that they can’t form a government and that they don’t want to let the people give us the chance to either.

Andrew Rosindell MP