Notes from Andrew Rosindell MP

There were two very different moods across the country this week. While Remainers gloated on television about the Supreme Court decision, the voters at home were turning off their TVs in disgust.

Remainers are being forced to turn to increasingly desperate strategies, which undermine the British constitution and our parliamentary traditions, to stop Brexit.   This is because we now have a Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver Brexit and get us out of the EU without any more delays or extensions.

There is an even more fundamental problem than Boris for Remainers. That problem is the lack of support of the British people for their political program.

It’s why they have to turn to constitutional technicalities to pass legislation, since they cannot form a government of their own. It’s why they relied on the courts to overturn a decision made by the elected government of this country. And finally, it’s why they repeatedly refused the chance to fight a General Election and put their case to the British people.

A General Election is now inevitable, and the Remainer’s attempts to stop Brexit and overturn democracy are not going down as well with the British public as they do in the Westminster bubble.

When we win that election and leave the European Union, I hope it will be a strong message to the political establishment that British democracy is still alive and well, despite the damage their tactics may have done to our constitution.

May I take this opportunity, in closing, to welcome all Conservative Progress supporters to the Conservative Party  conference in Manchester. We have an excellent few days lined up and it offers our hard working activists the opportunity to exchange ideas and campaign tactics. I hope to see you there.

Andrew Rosindell MP