Momentum EXPOSED Breaking Electoral Law

Aside from the Coronavirus, there has been a lot happening this week. Pro-Labour campaign group Momentum have just had the mother of all bombshells dropped on them, with an expose published in Wolves of Westminster implicating them and their activists in multiple breaches of electoral law.

Worse still, for the activists especially, the expose appears to reveal that Momentum actively misled its activists into breaching clear electoral law.

As an activist, after having learned that your campaign group has actively kept you in the dark, encouraged and educated you on how they think you should act and for it to be quite clear and obvious that somebody would have known that it was wrong, I wouldn't be sure I could ever trust them again, whatever happens.

The fines are unlimited, but if it's possible, the breach of trust and the number of questions that their activists must have right now are even greater.

Electoral law, justified and quoted in the piece, is quite clear that both the group and its activists could be implicated.

Exclusive to Wolves of Westminster, the article can be read here and we encourage you to take a look.

The lack of trust must now, quite rightly, be quite severe. Personally, if I found out that my campaign group had ultra vires authorised me to spend my own money and print and distribute leaflets which are illegitimate and unlawfully completed, there would be serious questions to ask.

Thankfully at Conservative Progress, there is no way that this would ever even cross our minds. And quite rightly - it is frankly insane, ludicrous, risible beyond belief!

We shall see what the Electoral Commission do and how they act. Advice has already been taken before publishing, so it should already be on their radar.

Momentum have also been given the right of reply, so we will keep an eye out for their response.

Something tells me that there is more to come...

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress

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