Media Survey Results

Recently we asked you a few questions about how you get your news. We got 405 responses, and the results were very interesting.

First we asked which form of media you relied on the most to get your news. 34.8% said that social media was the main way, with 22.7% saying TV News was the main outlet for you. 16.3% rely on newspapers and traditional press and 11.1% of respondents said they relied on mainly online only sources.

So with most saying that they mainly rely on social media; did you regularly check it?

83.2% did, with 16.8% saying that they didn't check social media regularly. The two main platforms took home a big following, with 75.4% saying that Facebook was what they mainly used and 13.6% saying that it was Twitter.

Still, 64.7% still said that they read a newspaper regularly. Of these, 32.4% of respondents said that this was the Daily Mail mainly, with 28.3% saying the Telegraph. Local newspapers came third with 13%, above the Express with 8.7%.

Next, we asked if you had watched the TV debates, and 71.2% said that they had.

We were very pleased to see after that, in response to the next question, that only 4.7% of respondents would not be voting Conservative in the General Election.

Conservative Progress