Local Lockdowns Survey: Your Responses

In the last survey, we asked you what you thought about the government's imposition of localised lockdowns and more.

We are pleased to have received 2,977 responses, and the results were very interesting to see:

Do you agree with the decision to impose a partial lockdown affecting 4 million people in parts of the North of England?

Yes: 70.5% No: 22.9% Unsure: 6.6%

Should the Government have given more notice before imposing additional restrictions on parts of the North of England?

Yes: 27.1% No: 61.1% Unsure: 11.8%

Do you believe that the Government was right to impose a 14 day quarantine period for people returning from Spain?

Yes: 66.3% No: 24.5% Unsure: 9.2%

Which of the following best describes your opinion regarding the continuation of lockdowns? We should continue to put safety first even if there is an economic cost: 38%

We should reopen the economy even if there are public health risks: 53.9%

Unsure: 8.1%

Do you believe the Government was correct to postpone the further easing of restrictions set to take effect on 1st August?

Yes: 57.6% No: 34% Unsure: 8.4%

Do you believe that the Department of Health has failed to manage Covid-19 by not developing a proper test and trace process? Yes: 42% No: 39.9% Unsure: 18.1%

Do you believe that the UK should conduct temperature checks or Covid-19 tests at airports for arrivals? Yes: 83.5% No: 12.1% Unsure: 4.4%

How would you rate the overall performance of Boris Johnson in handling Covid-19? Very Good: 28.4% Good: 46.6% Poor: 14.8% Very Poor: 10.2%

How would you rate Matt Hancock's (Secretary of State for Health) handling of Covid-19 and management of the NHS during the crisis? Very Good: 27.5% Good: 41.4% Poor: 15.8% Very Poor: 15.4%

Do you believe the Government will be successful in avoiding a 'second wave' of Covid-19? Yes: 31.7% No: 28.6% Unsure: 39.7%

Even more interestingly, our responses revealed quite a lot about our respondents. Of course, we will not disclose overly sensitive data, however the following is how respondents chose to define themselves:

Where in the UK do you live?

  • London: 6.1%

  • South East England: 17.9%

  • South West England: 13.9%

  • East of England: 8.2%

  • West Midlands: 7.9%

  • East Midlands: 8.4%

  • Yorkshire: 11.1%

  • North East England: 5.9%

  • North West England: 13.3% 

  • Scotland: 3%

  • Wales: 3.4%

  • Northern Ireland: 0.9%

Did you vote Conservative in the 2019 General Election?

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally Labour): 9.1%

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally UKIP/BP): 20.2%

Yes, I always vote Conservative: 63.4%

No - I voted Labour: 0.8% No - I voted Lib Dem: 0.2% No - I voted Brexit Party/UKIP: 6.3%

Member of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 41.5%

No: 58.5% Poll with 2,977 responses, conducted from Sunday 02nd August 2020 to Wednesday 12th August 2020.

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