Leader's Debate Survey Results

The results are in! We asked you to tell us what you thought of each of BoJo and Corbyn's performances, and we got 581 responses in what is half the usual time we normally allow for responses; not too bad, eh!

First of all we asked the obvious question - who won!

75.7% said that Boris took it, with the next most popular option being 'neither' at 14.6%. The Labour leader, who is now gaining a bit of street cred in the North and is known as 'JCorbs', took 7.1% of the vote, with the rest of you voting for 'unsure'.

On individual performance, Boris received a score of five out of five from 25% of our respondents, with 46.1% giving him four out of five. 18.6% gave the average score, of three out of five. 10.3% gave him two or one out of five.

Just 8.6% of respondents gave Corbyn four or five out of five, whilst 20.7% gave him the average three out of five. 33.9% gave him two out of five and 30.2% of you were scathing (yes, you harsh people!), giving him the lowest possible score of one out of five.

The "Magic Money Forest" line of Boris about Corbyn was the most memorable line amongst respondents, with "The NHS is not for sale" came a close second. "Get Brexit Done" was hardly selected by those surveyed, which shows that this election will be fought not just on Brexit but on a range of issues.

Thank goodness for that!

We then asked what you thought the most likely outcome for the election was. 71.3% said a Conservative majority (we hope you're right!), with 19.8% saying that the Conservatives would lead a coalition following the election. Only 2.2% said that they foresaw a Labour majority, and 4.8% said that Labour would likely lead a coalition.

58.7% of respondents said that they are not Conservative party members. We would like to thank you and your party-member-counterparts for your continued support, and don't forget; you can join here!

If you don't fancy joining but would like to lend a hand in the campaign against Corbyn, click here to find your local team and get involved!

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