Latest Election Survey - Your Responses

We were pleased to see so many responses to this, given that we are in an election period and everyone is busy, and I would like to thank everyone who did vote first of all. We received 523 responses, and they showed the following.

With regards to outcome, 52.2% of respondents gave verdict of what we would all love to see happen, that the Conservatives will win a majority. 36.5% were more cautious, and said that we would end up with a hung parliament and a Conservative-led coalition. 4.6% said we would end up with a Labour-led coalition in a hung parliament.

We then asked what the main issue in determining how you would vote was, going into this election, and you gave a resounding verdict. 88.1% said Brexit. No need to go further into that question!

We then asked whether you would be actively campaigning for the Conservatives in the upcoming General Election. 59.1% said no, which is understandable as most of our audience (61.6%) are not party members! 22.4% said they might be and the remainder said they definitely would.

Conservative Progress Survey Results