Labour Party uses actors in latest NHS advert

The Labour Party have been criticized for using professional actors in their latest party political ad.

One of the actors performing the role of a nurse in Labour's latest political advert

The Labour Party have released their latest party political advert which shows actors portraying nurses, doctors and patients criticizing the government on camera. It has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

The Conservatives were quick to respond with Deputy Chairman, James Cleverly, taking to twitter to say:

" Labour is going to desperate lengths to try to weaponise our #NHS & talk down the amazing work it does. The fact they had to use actors to deliver this scaremongering tells you a lot. "

In a counter- advert, the Conservatives have released interviews with actual NHS employees.

It can be viewed below....

It's worth remembering that under the Conservatives, the NHS has been given £20bn.

That's the biggest sum given to the NHS in its history.