It's time to unify the Anglosphere

It’s remarkable really, isn’t it? Just as the country started to heal itself from within, just as we had a truly Game of Thrones moment in the 2019 election when, for the first time in history, the North and the South united to land our very own Jon Snow, Boris Johnson, his stonking majority, and just when the People’s Vote protesters finally conceded defeat, packing away their Anna Soubry-inspired brays of rebellion, we get hit with a worldwide pandemic at our doorstep.

It’s almost enough to make you want to switch on YouTube and fervently type in “Eddie Izzard EU” simply so you can go back to simpler times when Brexiteers and Remainers were at each other’s throats. Desperate measures, yes, but then again these are desperate times.

However, if we get beyond the chaos into which we’ve been plunged this year and we return our focus back to our exit from the European Union, we can see some very interesting developments taking place as to which direction Britain is drifting in.

It is interesting to note that if you trawl through the average Brexit group on Facebook such as Leave.EU or Get Britain Out, all of which have several million followers between them, there are focal points of camaraderie for the following:

  • Strengthening our ties to CANZ (Canada, Australia and New Zealand)

  • Bringing British manufacturing back to Britain

  • A strong trade deal with the USA

  • Boycotting Chinese goods

  • Fury towards the EU

  • Fury towards the BBC

As a keen Brexiteer myself, I am with my fellow countrymen on all six of those points (especially the latter).

If we dissect these focal points, we can see an intriguing division taking place. It appears that our exit from the European Union has caused us to naturally gravitate towards countries which many would argue we long neglected in favour of the EU – Canada, Australia and New Zealand in particular, Commonwealth nations who we share common cultural heritage with and whose values match our own; and who, it appears, seem very keen to support Britain in our new role as a free and independent nation as we venture out into the big, wide world once more.

And what about the United States? While President Obama in all his infinite wisdom made it very clear we would be sent straight to the back of the queue if we dared leave the European Union, his successor President Trump has made his enthusiasm for a trade deal with Britain very clear. Having only good words to say about Boris Johnson, President Trump has made it clear he is a friend and ally of the UK (despite Sadiq Khan’s furious Tweeting).

The Five Eyes Alliance is already a show of unity between these five countries and trade deals are imminent. But the unification of the Anglosphere is going to amount to far more than just friendly relations.

The threat of China is not one to take lightly. COVID-19, which they unleashed on the world and covered up in the early stages, is only the tip of the iceberg. China’s crimes against humanity, animals and the world in general are many and the international community can no longer ignore it.

The Extradition Law which they attempted to impose on Hong Kong has escalated in bloody and brutal riots as Hong Kong continues to fight for their democracy – the same democracy that Britain implemented in the country over many years since the Opium Wars. Hong Kong protesters, in a bid to fight for their freedom, have disappeared in the night and been treated mercilessly by the Chinese Communist Regime that has one goal in mind: to impose authoritarian rule over the country.

If they’re not asserting their authority over Hong Kong while simultaneously telling the international community to ‘mind their own business’, or threatening Britain with economic consequences if we don’t keep our nose out of it, then they are committing multiple atrocities against both people and animals in their own countries and surrounding nations, whether it’s throwing Uighur Muslims into concentration camps or boiling, skinning and burning millions of dogs – many stolen pets – alive every year, or murdering pro-democratic journalists and advocates in their beds for daring to speak out against them.

Incidentally, President Trump just signed legislation calling for sanctions against China for their treatment of Uighur Muslims; unsurprisingly, this was hardly reported by the BBC or other mainstream media.

Meanwhile, in light of their expansion across South East Asia, which doesn’t just extend to Hong Kong but also to Taiwan, the Philippines and Cambodia, it is clear that China are behaving like a modern-day empire, and as their weapon of choice is money not bullets, they are being met with little resistance from the wider world.

This has not gone unnoticed by the British public who didn’t jump out of the EU frying pan simply to jump into the fire. A boycott of Chinese goods has soared throughout the country; the Facebook group Buy British For Brexit now has some 25,000 members up and down the UK where they share British-made goods; people have latched onto the fact that the way to stop the CCP is to damage their economy – something the Trump Administration has been doing for the past few years during his terse Trade War with China.

Furthermore, China’s recent threats towards Australia continue to anger Britain. China has threatened to wipe £20bn off Australia’s economy for “daring to question Beijing.” This too has not gone unnoticed by Britain, who view Australia as extended family.

So with the threat of China growing ever-more potent, with the CCP threatening both Hong Kong and Australia, with the USA eager to strengthen ties with the UK, it is clear that Britain’s exit from the EU was for a far deeper reason than just saying goodbye to a bully. It meant saying hello to an even bigger bully, but this time we would not be alone.

As one of the most powerful nations, the United States is the only country that can really go head-to-head with China. However, even the USA cannot stand against them alone and without President Trump at the head it most certainly would not. The only entity strong enough to take on the might of China is the Anglosphere – a united front that can not only grow together economically, but can also resist tyranny when it rears its head.

So is it a surprise, therefore, that the British are slowly gravitating towards the rest of the Anglosphere as we wave goodbye to the EU? Would this unification even be a reality if we had voted to remain? It is highly unlikely, not while we were under the control of the EU. And could it have come at a more critical time now that China are posing a serious threat to the wider world, especially with their recent border skirmishes with India?

The wider message is: Know thy enemy and know thy friends. Meanwhile, those who prefer to look at things from a more Christian perspective would be interested to learn that Biblical scholars translated the unification of the Anglosphere in the following passage:

‘The Merchants of Tarshish with all her young lions shall say to you, “Have you come to take spoil? Have you gathered your company to seize prey?’ – Ezekiel 38: Verse 13

In Biblical interpretation, Tarshish is Great Britain and the ‘young lions’ are the lions of the Anglosphere – notably Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, the countries birthed from the old lion (anyone who remembers the original WWI poster with the caption ‘The Empire Needs Men. Helped By The Young Lions, The Old Lion Defies His Foe’ may wonder if this was a reference towards Biblical prophecy.)

There are other references to Tarshish and her young lions in the Bible which likewise foretell our exit from the EU, our strength as an economic power in the future and, most importantly, the foes we will face in the future.

As Britain’s destiny unravels before our very eyes, we find ourselves caught up in the winds of change. We may not yet know which direction our ship will sail towards, but there is one thing we know for certain. Our destiny does not lie with the globalist agenda that controls both the EU and China. It is, no doubt, time for a family reunion.

Sarah Brownlee, Author and advocate and head of Operation Hound, a multinational organisation mobilising against the dog meat torture trade in the far East.

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