It's a funny old time in politics

We've entered a funny time in British politics. Those on the left who might call us fascists, racists, xenophobes, and every other 'ist' and 'phobe' under the sun, rather than debate us with meaningful arguments, are the very same people who call our language dangerous and divisive. Well sometimes that language is just fitting, especially when it comes to my former opponent in Broxtowe, I think the word 'betrayer' is pretty spot-on!

Ms Soubry betrayed the Conservative party, by voting against the government, she betrayed the country, by continuously attempting to thwart Brexit, and she betrayed her constituency, by not calling a by-election after she resigned the whip. It is for these three reasons that I took the opportunity to stand against her in Broxtowe as The Brexit Party candidate, in the hopes of clearing the swamp and helping deliver the will of the people on Brexit.

Of course, when The Brexit Party stood down in all seats which the Conservatives won in 2017, I was happy to step aside and pledge my support for Darren Henry. It's the right thing to do, to get Brexit done. We need a Conservative majority in government, and truly The Brexit Party has served its purpose now, as a pressure group, as it were.

However, there is still a lot of work for us to do in Broxtowe and the rest of Nottinghamshire.

As The Brexit Party candidate I was hearing from a lot of former Labour supporters, who would no longer vote for their old party for all the obvious reasons; anti-Semitism, anti-British sentiment, and the perilously low calibre of the Labour front bench. However, these same people were also telling me that they'd never vote Tory, for historical and tribal reasons. These are working-class people and now it's our responsibility to let them know that the Conservative party is the party for the hard-working individual. It's under a Conservative government that we've seen unemployment reach record lows and wages reach record highs.

These are the kinds of messages we need to be getting out there in the Midlands if we want to secure a clean-sweep of Tory seats, get Brexit done, and finally, move on to important domestic matters.

It's for that reason I'll be joining Conservative Progress on their campaign day in Broxtowe on 23rd November, to help get Darren Henry elected, and to send Ms Soubry her P45!

Calvin Robinson, Former Brexit Party PPC for Broxtowe