International Aid Survey - Your Responses

Last week we asked a few very controversial questions on a topic which has divided opinion for decades. We asked you about our International Aid department, budget and our commitment to the 0.7% spending target.

We had the biggest response yet, with 3,110 people weighing in and with some very interesting results.

First, we asked whether the Department for International Aid should be merged with the Foreign Office. 78.2% of respondents said that it should, with 21.8% taking the opposing view.

Next we asked whether you thought the UK should stick to its commitment to spend 0.7% of our GDP on international aid. A massive 96.3% of you said that the UK should not, with only 3.7% saying that the UK should continue to commit to this target.

That caused a few surprised reactions in the team!

Next we asked what respondents thought of the UK's policy to commit spending to the tune of 0.7% of GDP to the international aid budget. 48.2% said they would completely abolish it, with 37.7% saying that they would reduce it. 3.3% said that we should keep the 0.7% pledge but more closely align it with UK foreign policy objectives.

Next, we focused on a theoretical domestic transfer of spending. We asked what you would prioritise should we divert international aid to UK initiatives. 23.2% said that we should focus on tackling homelessness, with 20.6% saying that the NHS should be prioritised. 18.7% said that we should put it towards pensions first, and a further 10.4% said that the money should primarily be focused on Defence spending. 9.7% said that they would like to see the police prioritised and 5.4% said that they would like to see distribution across all of our options.

Next we asked about your personal status when it comes to politics.

69.3% of you said that you are supporters of the Conservatives but not a member. 80.7% of respondents overall told us that they are not members of the Conservative party.

If you would like to join the party, feel free to click here! If not, that's good too!

The fact that so many are not party members but still engage in surveys like this one is brilliant to see. Organisations like ours like to reach out to members and non-members alike, and we love to see as many people as possible take an interest.

So, member or non-member, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting involved and we hope that you carry on!

Conservative Progress