Internal Market Bill Survey: Your Responses

In the last survey, we asked you what you thought about the Internal Market Bill and the government's handling of Brexit, amongst other questions.

We are pleased to have received 2,713 responses, and the results were very interesting to see:

Do you believe that the Internal Market Bill breaches international law?

Yes: 7.3% No: 80.8% Unsure: 11.9%

Do you believe that the Government needs to alter the Northern Ireland protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement?

Yes: 75.1% No: 13% Unsure: 11.9%

Do you support the introduction of the Internal Market Bill, to alter the Withdrawal Agreement?

Yes: 93% No: 3.9% Unsure: 3.2%

Has the Government been forced to table the Internal Market Bill, by the EU's negotiating position? Yes: 91.6% No: 4.1% Maybe: 4.3% Do you believe those who voted against the Internal Market Bill did so because they oppose the result of the referendum?

Yes: 90.8% No: 4.5% Unsure: 4.7%

On the whole, how do you think the government has handled the Brexit negotiations? Very Poorly: 5% Poorly: 8.4% Well: 38.7% Very Well: 47.8%

On the whole, how do you think the EU has acted throughout the Brexit negotiations?

In Very Poor Faith: 84.3% In Poor Faith: 10.9% Neutrally: 1.7% In Good Faith: 1.1% In Very Good Faith: 1.9%

Even more interestingly, our responses revealed quite a lot about our respondents. Of course, we will not disclose overly sensitive data, however the following is how respondents chose to define themselves:

Where in the UK do you live?

  • London: 7.1%

  • South East England: 17.6%

  • South West England: 13.5%

  • East of England: 7.5%

  • West Midlands: 7.3%

  • East Midlands: 9.2%

  • Yorkshire: 10.4%

  • North East England: 6.1%

  • North West England: 12.3% 

  • Scotland: 3.2%

  • Wales: 5.1%

  • Northern Ireland: 0.7%

Did you vote Conservative in the 2019 General Election?

Yes: 90.3%

No - I voted Labour: 0.4% No - I voted Brexit Party/UKIP: 7.1% No - I voted Lib Dem: 0.1% No - I voted Green: 0.1% No - I voted Plaid Cymru/SNP: 0.2% No - I voted Independent/Smaller Party's Candidate: 0.6% No - I didn't vote: 1.1% No - I spoiled my ballot: 0.1%

Member of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 42.8%

No: 57.2% Poll with 2,713 responses, conducted from Sunday 04th October 2020 to Saturday 10th October 2020.

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To all else, we would like to thank you for contributing to this poll and others. We are already working on the next one - watch this space!

Conservative Progress Team

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