Hong Kong Survey: Your Responses

In the last survey, we asked you about more of the current crisis, including what you thought the government's response to Chinese impositions on Hong Kong should be like, and how we should change our approach moving forwards.

We are pleased to have received 1,331 responses, and the results were very interesting to see:

Would you support a programme to allow resettlement of Hong Kong citizens to the UK, should they wish to flee increased Chinese direct rule over Hong Kong?

Yes: 62.6%


Unsure: 14%

Do you believe that British citizenship should be granted to residents of Hong Kong who want to leave?

Yes: 56.6%

No: 27.6%

Unsure: 15.8%

How do you think the UK should react in the face of Chinese imposition of national security laws over Hong Kong?

Unsure: 1.7%

Do nothing: 2.3%

Condemn China's actions at the UN: 9%

Economic sanctions: 18.3%

Seek to bring manufacturing back to the UK: 68.7%

Would you support the creation of a new 'D10' group encompassing the G7 democracies as well as India, Australia and South Korea to create a political & economic bloc to economically combat growing Chinese influence?

Yes: 88.7%

No: 4%

Unsure: 7.4%

Even more interestingly, our responses revealed quite a lot about our respondents. Of course, we will not disclose overly sensitive data, however the following is how respondents chose to define themselves:


Under 18: 0.5%

18 - 25: 4.3%

25 - 35: 4.7%

35 - 50: 10.8%

50 - 65: 38.5%

Over 65: 41.2%

Where in the UK do you live?

  • London: 8.5%

  • South East England: 16.7%

  • South West England: 15.3%

  • East of England: 8.3%

  • West Midlands: 8.1%

  • East Midlands: 7.2%

  • Yorkshire: 9.1%

  • North East England: 5.6%

  • North West England: 11.3% 

  • Scotland: 4%

  • Wales: 4.6%

  • Northern Ireland: 0.8%

Did you vote Conservative in the 2019 General Election?

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally Labour): 8%

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally UKIP/BP): 17.8%

Yes, I always vote Conservative: 69.3%

No: 4.7%

Member of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 49.8%

No: 50.2%

We will be releasing a new survey very shortly. Stay tuned!

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