Gotz Mohindra: My National Convention Candidacy

I am Gotz Mohindra and I have had the honour of being nominated to run for Vice-President of our National Convention.

My vision for our party and its National Convention

I believe that our grassroots volunteers are the backbone of our party. The key to our party’s success lies in the diligence of our many hardworking volunteers. It is clear to me that the success of the conservative cause depends on the success of our grassroots campaigners. It is those of us who are out delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and canvassing homes, that truly make a difference. I want our dedicated grassroots campaigners to be fully represented on the party board. Our hard work has earned us a place at the decision-making table and our voices deserve to be heard.

I will commit myself to ensuring that the party board listens to us grassroots campaigners so that we are fully involved in the decision-making process. This is crucial if we are to unite our party and be successful going forward.

I believe that by working with all parts of our party, including our activists, councils, associations and parliamentarians, we can achieve great things and make our party stronger. Bringing together all our party’s stakeholders will enable us to move forward by working side-by-side. Only by uniting and working as one can we capitalise on the experience and skills of our party’s many elements.

Simply put, we are at our best when we work together. Close cooperation will make us more successful and by bridging the gaps between our party’s various stakeholders, we can succeed.

I am a firm believer in leading from the front; it is imperative that one should lead by example. I have the record to deliver on my vision for the National Convention. First and foremost, I have been a tireless and passionate grassroots campaigner for the past two decades. I continue to engage extensively with what is our party’s most essential activity: local engagement.

Having had the privilege to serve as Chairman of the London Region for the past three years, I am proud of the meaningful changes we have made in our region to make our campaigning more effective and successful. I have championed the creation of the London Conservatives Board which brings together all party stakeholders in the region and allows us to jointly develop a regional strategy. By rolling out this concept on a national level, I believe we can build a better-connected and more effective party.

In addition, having served as a Westminster City Councillor for the past six years, I have a proven track record of delivering on those issues which matter most to local people. As a business owner and with a young family, I understand the challenges, both economic and social, facing individuals across our communities. Finally, I am familiar with our party at the national level, having run as a parliamentary candidate in Wales.

At its core, my message is one of empowerment. I want to empower the most important part of our party: our grassroots campaigners. Now more than ever, it is essential that we have a robust and effectively represented volunteer party. It is critical for us to be united and campaign for the conservative cause.

I hope to have the pleasure of serving you as Vice-President of the National Convention.

Gotz Mohindra, Candidate for Vice-President of the National Convention