Eleven Days to Go!

It seems like ages ago that this election was called, but yet polling day is slowly sneaking up on us.

As the Conservative Progress Team have traveled the country, we have seen some great candidates alongside some fantastic teams who are a credit to our party.

What is abundantly clear, is that this election, though called to end the impasse in the House on Brexit, is not the Brexit election. The country wants to get back to talking about the other issues again, like housing, education, public services.

This is what an election is about.

This is the chance to elect a majority government for the first time since 2015 and send a clear mandate and a decisive message about what the country wants. One thing is clear - the only appetite for a majority is that for a Conservative one. Labour simply don't have the numbers and the Brexit Party simply don't have the concentration of votes required under the First Past the Post System.

As the editor for Conservative Progress, I've received a few emails over the past weeks from people all over the country asking who they should vote for. I can't and won't tell you how to vote, but as you can probably guess I am a Conservative.

This is the chance to send a clear message to the hard left Labour Party that their 1970s-style list of radical policies is not what this country needs.

What they are proposing would almost certainly take us back to square one. Widespread nationalisation of every industry you can think of, government subsidies for everything with no way of paying for it - just imagine. Ten years-worth of work to balance the budget, all made insignificant in days.

This election is our chance to get that elusive majority, get Brexit over the line and get back to talking about everything else, and I'm so glad that this election has brought other issues to the forefront once again.

Jack Rydeheard, editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress