Economy and Covid-19 Survey: Your Responses

In the last survey, we asked you about more of the current crisis, including what you thought the government's economic response to Covid-19 has been like, and how we should change our approach moving forwards.

We are pleased to have received 1,561 responses at the time of writing, and the results were very interesting to see:

How would you rate the performance of Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in mitigating the economic effects of the crisis?

Very good: 64.3%

Good: 25%

Not very good: 4.3%

Poor: 3.2%

Unsure: 0.4%

Do you believe that the Brexit transition period should be extended beyond December 31st due to the crisis?

Yes: 5%

No: 92.9%

Unsure: 2.1%

Should non-essential retail and hospitality businesses reopen even if the virus is not fully contained?

Yes:  53.6%

No: 29.7%

Unsure: 16.7%

Thinking about trade and manufacturing issues during the Coronavirus crisis, which of the following statements best reflects your view?

The UK is too reliant on importing goods from abroad: 90.1%

The UK is not too reliant on importing goods from abroad: 6.9%

Unsure: 3.8%

Do you support the furlough scheme that pays 80% of workers wages if their company is unable to open?

Yes: 80.1%

No: 10%

Unsure: 9.9%

To pay for the measures needed to support business and employment through the Coronavirus crisis, which of the following do you think the government should do?

Increase taxes on wealthy individuals: 17.1%

Introduce an online sales tax: 20.1%

Increase environmental taxes: 1.2%

Increase taxes on tobacco & alcohol: 4.7%

Seek to boost trade: 53.4%

None of the above: 3.6%

Do you believe that people should be able to work part-time when on furlough at a reduced rate of 60%?

Yes: 69.3%

No: 18.8%

Unsure: 11.9%

In terms of the government & the economy, which of the following best describes how the crisis has affected your view?

It has made me a stronger believer in the free market: 23.1%

It has made me a stronger believer in government intervention: 13.4%

I was pro-free market before the crisis and that has not changed: 42.9%

I supported more government intervention before and that has not changed: 11.9%

Unsure: 8.6%

Even more interestingly, our responses revealed quite a lot about our respondents. Of course, we will not disclose overly sensitive data, however the following is how respondents chose to define themselves:


18 - 25: 2%

25 - 35: 2.6%

35 - 50: 10.4%

50 - 65: 46.5%

Over 65: 38.5%

Where in the UK do you live?

  • London: 6.1%

  • South East England: 18%

  • South West England: 14.6%

  • East of England: 6.7%

  • West Midlands: 8.1%

  • East Midlands:  8.3%

  • Yorkshire: 10.6%

  • North East England: 5.8%

  • North West England: 12.6% 

  • Scotland: 3.8%

  • Wales: 4.7%

  • Northern Ireland: 0.9%

Which of the following best describes your work status?

Retired: 46.6%

Self-employed: 14%

Employed full-time: 20.5%

Employed part-time: 7.6%

Normally employed but currently furloughed: 4.6%

Unemployed: 5.6%

In full time education: 1.1%

Did you vote Conservative in the 2019 General Election?

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally Labour): 8.9%

Yes, but it was my first time voting Conservative (normally UKIP/BP): 20.8%

Yes, I always vote Conservative: 70.3%

Member of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 41.8%

No: 58.2%

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