Early Election survey results are in!

We were pleased to see so many responses to this, and I would like to thank everyone who did vote first of all. We received 1,277 responses, and they showed the following.

61.4% said that they wanted an election as early as possible. 20.5% didn't want a General Election but thought it was needed to deliver Brexit, whereas 15.1% of you thought that we should only have one after Brexit has been delivered. 3% of respondent did not support an early election at all.

In an opened-up policy question, 38.1% of respondents thought that immigration should be the main issue in this election. 16.9% thought more funding for the NHS should come first and 13.2% said that their main issue was getting more police on the streets. 6.7% said that cutting taxes should be the main focus and higher spending on Defence came next on 5.6%. Cutting the deficit and more funding for schools came after that.

When asked what the Conservatives' position should be on Brexit should we not leave on October 31st, 75.6% said that they would like to see a no-deal Brexit. 22% supported Boris' deal and a grand total of 2.5% was achieved by the responses preferring a second referendum or a revocation of Article 50.

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Jack Rydeheard, Editor of the Conservative on Sunday for Conservative Progress