Dinah Glover: My National Convention Candidacy

I am standing to become one of the Vice Presidents of the National Convention. Why? I want to strengthen our Party through greater transparency, accountability and democracy. I believe Conservative Progress chimes with these values as a grassroots organisation. We get what resonates on the doorstep. We all saw it happen last year when we achieved an amazing election victory which we will never forget.

It was a campaign based on a popular message and seeking the support of non traditional Conservatives. That result presents an even greater need to democratise our Party to ensure that these new Conservatives stay with us.

I worked in such an area Dagenham and Rainham. Although we failed to take it, losing by 293 votes, our excellent candidate Cllr Damian White nearly took a seat which had never been Conservative in an area with no elected Conservative Councillors. Our message aligned with and touched the hearts of people who had always voted Labour.

These new supporters expect to have their views heard.

None of us predicted what was to happen in 2020 and the challenges that would bring. Like so many of our members, councillors, MPs and supporters, I have spent most of the last few months supporting my community and keeping in contact with some of our most vulnerable and loyal members. Again, we need to keep in touch with what people feel and that includes our members and supporters.

The next year was already going to be significant for the Party and the May 2021 elections will be the largest set of elections ever held. It is essential that the National Convention has leadership that is absolutely committed to supporting our thousands of local candidates and our hundreds of Associations as they raise the funds to fight campaigns and hit the doorsteps to sell our message.

I am a committed volunteer. I have absolutely no desire to become a parliamentary candidate and I am certainly not someone that shies away from the hard work involved in being a party activist. I am standing for this role because I believe I have the best ideas as to how we can empower our volunteers and bring enjoyment, interest and accountability back to the voluntary party.

Our Voluntary Party needs to ensure that democracy runs through the Party as its life blood. I will measure everything against four principles for our members and Associations: empowerment, transparency, accountability and democracy. In this spirit and in line with the values of Conservative Progress and its excellent grassroots events I would like to see a virtual hustings for all the candidates. You did it for the London Mayoral selection and in the age of Zoom we should be able to do it for this election.

Thanks in a large part to our volunteers who, for many years have kept up the good fight, often against seemingly insurmountable odds and with little to no appreciation or recognition, we had some fantastic breakthroughs in December. Our Party is at its best when it values its membership.

Dinah Glover, Candidate for Vice-President of the National Convention