CP survey covered by the Daily Express

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Our Brexit survey results, which showed significant Party support for Britain to leave the Single Market, have been picked up by the Daily Express.

The full article can be read here.

The Express reports that:

The poll of 1,300 Tory members, conducted by Conservative Progress, exposed 60.9 per cent of Conservatives wanted to leave the single market. That figure includes 81.8 per cent of Leave voters and 17.6 per cent of Remainers surveyed. Results also show 21.2 per cent of Remain voters now admit Britain is better off or at least just as well off outside the EU. The biggest post-Brexit priority for Leave voters is securing better trade deals for Britain, with 37.5 per cent of respondents highlighting that as their main demand from Mrs May’s Brexit team. Nearly 10 per cent fewer people chose immigration control as their major concern, shooting down those who claim racist, bigoted, anti-immigrant thinking was responsible for Brexit. Nabil Najjar, director of Conservative Progress said: “These results show a significant preference among Conservative Party members, both leave and remain, to leave the single market, and this, coupled with the clear desire to see Britain set its own trade deals should give Theresa May and her government the confidence to be bold in their negotiations and back our country to succeed outside the single market.”