CP Poll: support for contested final round, more candidates & future elected Party Chairman

Our recent poll of Conservative Party members’ shows strong support for an elected Party Chairman and an overwhelming desire for a contested leadership contest.

84% of members feel 'very strongly' that there should be a contested final ballot

The survey of 1,009 Conservative Party members showed strong support for an elected Party Chairman in the future, alongside a strong appetite for a contested final ballot in any leadership election. The poll ran from April 6th until April 17th.

The poll found that:

· To date, 84% of members feel 'very strongly' that there should be a contested final ballot

· 40.3% feel that 4 candidates should be presented to the members, 23.8% want to see 3 candidates and 28.2% want two candidates to be put forward (the status quo)

· 81% want to see the Party Chairman become an elected position.

Commenting on the results of the poll, Nabil Najjar, director of Conservative Progress said:"In view of these findings, it is clear that Party Members are calling for a more democratic party structure. An elected Party Chairman will help bridge the growing gap between members and the Party leadership, and that is now more important than ever, given the uncertainty members have felt of late as a result of the Brexit process. Conservative Progress is doing its part to reconnect the Party and its members through our annual conference and our commitment to supporting, training and promoting our Party's grassroots activists."

Senior Conservative MP Priti Patel commented: “ One key way to reform our internal Party structures and increase participation from grassroots as well as Party accountability is to introduce elections for the Party Chairman for a fixed period. That would mean there would be someone sat around the Cabinet table when decisions are made who is there with a clear mandate to represent our grassroots and they should have their finger on their pulse of our membership.”



Date of sample gathering: 6th April - 17th

1. How strongly do you feel about Conservative party members having a vote in the final round of the next leadership election?

Very strongly: members should definitely get a vote: 84%

Strongly: Ideally members should get a vote: 9.2%

Strongly against: 1.9%

Very strongly against: 2.6%

Don’t know: 2.3%

2. Currently, Conservative Party members are able to vote for 1 of 2 candidates for leader. How many leadership candidates would you ideally like to see on the ballot paper presented to members?

2 (Keep as is): 28.2%

3: 23.8%

4: 40.3%

Other: 5.8%

Don’t know: 1.9%

3. Do you support the idea of having an elected Chairman of the Conservative Party?

Yes: 81%

No: 10.9%

Don’t know: 8.1%