CP is coming to: The Midlands!

My name is Dr. Sam Gascoyne, and I should have been standing as a candidate for May council elections in Coventry. Naturally that never materialised thanks to COVID, but fortunately behind the scenes I have been lucky enough to get involved with Conservative Progress (CP).

The exciting thing about CP is that we are excellent at training and equipping people to launch successful campaigns and communicate well with the people who you are trying to reach.

Since joining I already feel better able to do a campaign and be a good elected official - whenever I get the chance to do that again!

My plans for the West Midlands are focused on unifying and enabling the various Conservative groups. As someone who is relatively new to politics in my region I feel like we need to be better at reaching out to our supporters, and get them engaged in our political goals and activities. I want to see the next generation of leaders, activists, and pioneers to be raised up and released into their potential.

I personally want to get in touch with all our CP members in Coventry and the Midlands, and look at what we can do together on a local level. It would be great to have regular discussions and get-togethers (post-lockdown of course) to touch base with everyone and build a strong local vision for our areas.

Ultimately if we are united and focused I think we can really change our local regions for the better.

In the immediate short term I'd like to build a Midlands CP team; there are quite a few different roles that need doing in order to realise the vision. There are massive election opportunities that could stop quite a lot of the damage that some of the Labour-run councils are trying to do.

I think by offering sustainable environmentally friendly solutions that don't involve destroying the countryside we can give the good people of the Midlands hope of a better future under local governing bodies run by Conservatives.

Dr Sam Gascoyne, Head of Digital and Midlands Coordinator for Conservative Progress