CP is coming to: Scotland!

Earlier this year, I joined the Conservative Progress team as their Scottish Coordinator. Having followed their movement for quite some time, I was thrilled to be part of a growing team of energetic, hard working individuals in their quest to reactivate grassroots members across our United Kingdom.

Since joining the team, I have a greater understanding of how important grassroots movements are, and how they influence and change the direction of our party. Whether it be policy discussion, bridging the gap between politicians and party members, training, supporting members by giving them a platform to express their opinion, or even social events, Conservative Progress ticks all these boxes. That is why I am excited to announce that we are coming to Scotland!

For obvious reasons, I am unable to share a date with you but behind the screens (literally!), I am working with the Conservative Progress team to hold an event once lockdown restrictions ease and it is safe to do so. We have already started to map out and plan what an event in Scotland would look like and how it could link in with the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary Elections, scheduled to take place in May next year. I cannot wait until I am able to share more details with you all!

Having discussed the prospect of a conference with party members in Scotland, I know that many are keen to join a movement created by grassroots members, for grassroots members. We may be missing this as a party in Scotland at present, and this gives members an opportunity to be part of something which can bring positive change. For me, I am eager to learn from our friends across the border, as I know there will be ways in which we share ideas to make our party in Scotland more effective. This, of course, will be a two-way street, as we will learn from each other and a conference will provide a greater understanding of what support each region of the UK needs from the Conservative Party either from a local or national perspective.

The conference will also be an opportunity for Scottish members to talk about our party’s success in recent years and how we have managed to return from the brink of extinction to become the official opposition party in Holyrood. The Scottish Conservatives have a lot to be proud of, especially when it comes to defending our union from the SNP separatists. We are now a force to be reckoned with and with our new Party Leader Jackson Carlaw at the helm, it is a perfect time for a grassroots movement to help train and nurture the talent we have to become the next generation of activists, candidates, leaders and influencers. Conservative Progress is the organisation which is up for this job.

I will be able to post more updates later as Conservative Progress continues to engage with Scottish members to make sure this event is a success!

Meghan Gallacher, Scotland Coordinator for Conservative Progress and Leader of the Conservatives on North Lanarkshire Council

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