Corbyn abandons leave supporting Labour voters by supporting Cooper Amendment

After months of dithering, Jeremy Corbyn has just now given support to the Cooper amendment. By bowing to pressure from his predominantly remain supporting Labour MPs, Corbyn has abandoned the concerns of many Labour voting leave supporters.

The British people expect Brexit to be delivered on March 29th 2019. The Cooper amendment seeks to delay Brexit, with many seeing it as a means to stop Brexit completely.

There are 72 Labour backbench MPs who represent constituencies that voted over 55% to leave the European Union. By whipping Labour MPs to vote for this amendment, Jeremy Corbyn is effectively telling those many key voters that their concerns are irrelevant.

Those who voted Labour in 2017, with the view that Corbyn and his Labour Party supported their Brexit vote have today been let down. It's clear that it is only the Conservatives dedicated to delivering Brexit; on time and in accordance with the wishes of 17.5 million people.

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Written by our Editor: @mometfisher