Compassionate Conservatism Survey - Your Responses

Last week we asked a few questions on Compassionate Conservatism. We had a good response, with 288 people weighing in and with some very interesting results.

First of all, we asked you if you thought that the Conservative Party was widely perceived as being uncaring. A 42.7% plurality said that it was, compared to 21.2% saying that it wasn't.

We then asked about the party's perception as a force for good, specifically whether the austerity budget cuts, carried out since 2010, damaged its perception. 54.5% agreed that they had damaged its perception, with 21.9% saying that they didn't believe that this effect was achieved.

We then asked a bit of a controversial question, and queried whether respondents would support a small tax increase to provide more money to spend on alleviating poverty in the UK. 39.6% of respondents backed this idea, with 35.1% voting against it.

We then asked which areas you thought were most important for the government to address. Ending homelessness roared away with this question, with 31.6% saying that this was the most important issue; the next most important issue to solve for respondents was alleviating poverty and loneliness for our elderly, at 17.4% and third was better mental health support which came in just behind at 15.6%.

We then asked if you thought that non-state solutions like volunteers and charities had a role to play in helping to alleviate poverty. 76.4% said that this was the case.

We then asked if you wonderful people would consider getting involved in a social action project to help those in need and a massive 72.5% said that they would be willing to at least consider getting involved. That's around 209 people, which I know would make a huge difference for the projects out there.

There are never a shortage of charities who would welcome any help you can give, why not take a look in your local area!

To our amazing respondents, once again, it is because of you that we can collate all of the data on our grassroots' opinions and relay it as effectively as possible and we can not thank you enough!

Conservative Progress