Coming Up on Tuesday

Why you should be on YouTube on Tuesday 19th November

We all know the next leadership debate takes place on ITV, Tuesday 19th at 8pm but at the end of it what will you do? 

Scream or shout at the TV? Share some tweets? Message your friends?

We’ve all done this right? But why not try something different this time? Why not join us live online for a live follow-up debate, where you get to take part AND vote on the issues in real-time.

I’ll be joined by Luke Springthorpe, Director of Conservative Progress and possibly other guests, who will help us lead the discussion on what we’ve just witnessed over the last hour.

Being YouTube you’ll be able to watch it anywhere. We had a viewer watching on his mobile phone in a car park during the last show!

Why do this show? I think we all agree that there has been a huge drop in the quality of debate recently.

I used to work in communications for Syed Kamall, Conservative MEP for London but I also used to be a news broadcaster and news editor. My aim with these shows is to bring back the kind of debate people like us value, debates where for once, we get to hear the facts.

So, whether you want to practise your debate skills, learn more about the topics so that you can use that information on the doorstep with voters or just want to let off steam by explaining why others are wrong (backed up with facts of course), join us straight after the debate on 19th November at the link below.

The link: (don’t forget to add this to your calendar).

A bit more background

This special show is part of a series aimed at people like us who value “fact-based” discussions. Politics has become too much about labelling people as right and wrong but we all know issues are far more complex than that. This project is a non-partisan fact-based show developed for this exact reason. The plan is to develop this more and more in the future to reach all voters with a better standard of debate. 

If you are interested, you can find the more about the project here -

Richard Midson of the Midson Project