Building the Conservative Movement; Survey Results

Recently we asked you a few questions about your involvement in the Conservative movement. We got 139 responses, and the results were very interesting.

First we asked whether you were actively involved in your local association. 54.7% said that they weren't, with 33.8% saying they were.

The second question was on events and activities, and what would potentially interest you. 46.8% said that dinner and drinks with a guest speaker would be something that would interest you, with 65.5% saying that policy discussions would as well.

Policy is something that is very Grassroots-based in the Conservative Party, and it's something that is very easy to jump into. Why not pop along to a local association meeting, an event by a grassroots organisation like ourselves, or get involved with the Conservative Policy Forum?

37.4% said that they were interested in social action projects, with 32.4% saying that Campaigning would be of interest and Conferences attracting the support of 33.8%.

Quiz nights weren't an unpopular idea, with an interest rate of 15.8%.

When it came to training, the survey results were very clear. 25.2% of respondents felt that training on social media could be very useful, with community outreach and engagement receiving 24.5% of the vote. 12.9% said that training on organising and running a campaign would be most beneficial and 10.1% said the same about training on public speaking.

There was no lack of willingness to get involved from our respondents last week, with 75.5% saying that they would consider getting involved in social action projects.

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