Brexit Pact survey results are in

Our latest survey sought to understand how Conservative members and activists felt about a potential electoral pact between the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party - the results make for interesting reading!

Total responses: 3,224

Responses from Conservative Party members: 854

Should we have a pact with the Brexit Party:

Conservative Party members: 

Yes: 89%

No: 5.5%

Maybe: 5.5%


Yes: 92%

No: 5%

Maybe: 3%

If yes or maybe, what sort of arrangement would you like to see?

Both parties stand candidates in all seats but chooses not to actively campaign in some: 15.1%

Conservatives offer the Brexit party a free run in some unwinnable Brexit voting seats in exchange for no Brexit party candidates standing in key marginal seats: 55% Flexibility for local associations and candidates to pursue an agreement on a seat by seat basis: 22.7%

None of the above: 6.3%