Brexit Election: the Results are in!

Over the past week, we asked you for your thoughts on Brexit and the upcoming election. A record number of people responded, with 5,541 different views being warmly received here at Conservative Progress.

We asked you first of all whether Brexit was likely to be the primary issue for you in determining the way that you will vote in the election. 87.2% of you said that it would be, with 11.9% saying it would not.

We then covered the possibility of a misfiring with the Brexit Party, asking whether you believed that voting for the Brexit Party in seats the Conservatives currently hold or could win puts Brexit at risk. 74.9% of you said that it would with 25.1% saying that it wouldn't.

We then identified the possibility of a pact, with us quizzing on which arrangement you would prefer. 42.8% said you would prefer the Brexit Party only standing in Labour-held, Brexit-voting seats. 26.5% said there should only be a pact should the Conservatives adopt a No Deal stance. 20.2% said you would only like to see the Brexit Party cease fighting in certain seats but still put a candidate forward.

When it came to the main, overbearing question, the verdict was clear. On the premise of whether the Conservatives should adopt a form of non-aggression pact with the Brexit Party, 81.1% said that they should, with only 7% saying that they shouldn't. 11.9% reserved judgement.